Am I mixing types of content on a page?

I am struggling to get a repeating group to work.

The summary of the steps I am trying to achieve:

Entity Page = User created page (their company for instance) ((The user can create several of these))

The Entity page has Things (like products, services, events)

I want to display those things in categorical groups on the Entity page. I also want the user to be able to create and edit these things.

So right now I have Entity Page with Type of Content = Entity
That way I can set [[Current Page Entities Name]], [[Current Page Entities Thing 1]]
Each Entity will have 3 things they can have.
For instance if one of their “Things” (Thing 1) is Events, they can have multiple events listed
within that Thing 1 category.

I have a “Things” Thing (dataset) where the “Thing Category” = Entities’ Thing 1 ( Thing category is the primary field for “Things”). When the user creates a “Thing 1” it automatically creates a “Thing Category” in the Things dataset.

Then the “Name of Thing” (name of the event for instance) will be a part of this dataset attached to “Thing Category”, as well as the description and other info about the thing name. Right now I have “Name of Thing” as a list of text inside the “Thing Category” dataset.

So I want to create a repeating group (I think this is the best way to do this) where each “Thing name” which is under the Thing Category is displayed.

Right now I have a group inside my Entity Page, which type of content is set to Things
(1st Question… can I have a group with a different type of content than the page it is on? ).

I then have my repeating group in that group with data type set to things, with the Data Source set to “current page entities things” (which is a list) - When the user creates a thing under an entity it puts it in a list of things in the Entities dataset.

2nd Question… how the heck do I get this to work?? The way I have it set I feel like it should work, but either I’m not doing something right with the lists, or the whole data structure is messed up…

Here is a link to my app because I think seeing it will make it very clear what I’m trying to do. When you click on the entity card on the index, it will take you to entity page. (sorry right now I can only manage to design it for mobile)

Thank you so much for the help!

Page / Groups and RG can all have different types.
Can you share what you have done? It will be easier to help you for the RG

Shoot I think I wasn’t getting Thing names to get into the things database correctly…

My dang database is already too complicated…

Thank you for chiming in so quickly.