[AMA] I made a QR code generator, in 2 hours ! 🤯

Hey everyone,
I made a QR code generator, in 2 hours, Ask me anything… You can inspect my project on testapp3592.bubbleapps.io address. I’m starting a new journey, I will create little creative apps.

If you need your own QR code generator, I can help you freely, you can feel free to contact me.
Twitter: @alpernbt
Mail: [email protected]

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Hi @alpernbt
Good work :clap:

Thanks @mdburhan3 :wave:


I want to implement QR code generator in my app, which will store 2 parameters (1 static and 1 dynamic) in order for users to scan the code to get redirected to designated pages and load target data.

I’ve tried to accomplish my objective using Simple QR code generator plugin, but I keep failing to get both aparameters into the code, but just 1 only.

I kept trying different variations, for example, switching the parameters around, but ended up getting only 1 no matter how.

I am wondering if you QR code generator could help me.