Amazon product API + Blockspring not working

We recently noticed that our Blockspring block for sending users to Amazon is no longer working. We use Blockspring to pull in relevant Amazon offers into a repeating group for our users to click on and be sent to the Amazon details page where we are given credit for the referral click and hopefully future sale.

We are able to successfully pull in relevant offers via a general product search API call displayed in a repeating group. Then, we run another API call using the item lookup function. We are able to successfully get relevant offers in our repeating group and send our users to the correct Amazon product details page, however Amazon is not recognizing the traffic we send as clicks.

This was working for us at one point. When I analyze the URL at the Amazon details page it shows our unique subscriber ID. I do remember from before that there was another piece of unique identifying information in the URL that I don’t think is there currently.

I have tested the Blockspring block with our access key, secret code and registered email address for associates ID from within Blockspring. We have also done the same from within Bubble plugin tab. Both ways populate the preview with test data.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas on whose end this could be causing the problem: Bubble, Blockspring, Amazon?

Thanks for any help!