AmCharts on a reusable element inside another reusable element

I can’t make amCharts plugin to work. If the chart is in a page or inside a reusable element, its working fine. However, if it’s inside a reusable element that is inside another reusable element, it doesn’t work. Any help? How can I make it work?

Try this: Set amChart not visible on page load. And set condition: When Reusable Elements is Visible: This element is visible yes.

Will try it later. But it’s actually visible. Because I can see the background and border of the element, it’s just that the chart itself and the watermark is not visible nor clickable/hoverable.

Help here please. Still no solution. :frowning:

Anybody help? Please?

Check the below,

Chart on page, chart on inside reusable element and another one is reusable element inside another reusable element.

If you have some other plugin on same page, then those plugin scripts may cause this problem.