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Amortization / Payment Schedule --> Need help!

Hi community, I’m trying to build an amortization / repayment schedule in for a finance app idea I have. I’m struggling with two things:

  1. How I should set up my database to intake and compute the values? Should I use one or multiple tables?
    • Intake example: Debt amount, APR, debt duration
    • Output example: End balance, principle, interest (all by month)
  2. How to perform complex calculations for a time range (based on the debt duration… will change every time). I’ve downloaded the mathjs plug-in but don’t know how to use it. I’m open to other ideas.

Would love insights from you all! :clap: Please send over links, examples, or other helpful posts that have answered this previously.

Thanks in advance for the help.


I’m also looking to do this. Did you have any success?

1st step is to understand how to do amort without excel formulas. Once you understand the real math it’s just a matter of effort. Quite a bit mind you but entirely doable.