An image takes a 8-10sec to load

Hi all,

is there a way to make image load faster once page is loading?

How large is your image in kb?
Compressing the image is the best way to make it load quicker.

its only 8mb btw.

I feel like 8mb is too heavy for a website image.
There is a tradeoff between image quality and file size ofc, but its generally better to lean towards lower file size. Users will notice slow loading but they wont really notice lower quality images. And in most cases a well compressed 1mb image will look the same as when it was 8mb.
Using webp file format can also help with load time.
Optimal balances depend on how large the image will be on the website, and whether the app will be used on mobiles (phones can be in low connection environments so the images should be lighter)
I feel like large images/background images should hover around 500kb-1mb.
Medium sized images around 200-500kb
Small images/thumbnails (prof pictures) can be 20-50kb or even lower. Try downloading the forum prof pictures for example. They are really lightweight.

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Try using svg or webp format and also upload compressed images.

Your page structure will play a major part in this too. Try not to have too many searches on page load.

Try using imagekit to host your images and fetch it from there, it will compress your images with many options and will be a CDN

The ideal image size for a website is under 200kb

Prioritize webp of jpeg unless you must have it as a PNG for transparent background.

Compress all images before giving to bubble

bare in mind websites should be light, if you have 10 photos on your website each 8mb you’re requiring the user to download 80mb worth of content. Under 10mb/s internet isn’t uncommon around the world still that could require up to 10 seconds+ to load. If you want to test how other users will experience your site you can use chrome inspector to throttle your network speed to test potential customer experiences.

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thank you all, compresed it to 2mb and it still look great! have a good day everyone. Thanks again.

I’d say 2mb is still way too high for an average website image…

But if you’re happy with it then i guess that;'s all that maters…

okay, i’ll take your advice to compress it further. Thank you :slight_smile: