An UGC tool for allowing photos to be clicked from an iPad and sent to users via a simple 2 field form

I have a restaurant customer who wants to place a Tripod stand in his restaurant with an iPad mounted on it. The idea is the encourage his restaurant customers to use the iPad camera and stand to take selfies, which can then be sent to them instantly after asking the user to enter their name, email or sent to them via SMS on their mobile phone, or give users the option to share on their social media profile directly.

The assumption here is that users would prefer to use the iPad mounted on the stand to take a selfie instead of their own mobile phones, as people don’t usually carry selfie sticks around all the time.

What I need is to build an app which does this step by step process:

Step 1 Screen displays - Touch Button to Snap a Selfie
Step 2 Screen displays - iPad camera opens and a message prompts the user to set the timer to allow user to take position. Say 5-10 seconds.
Step 3. Screen displays - Time remaining in descending order from 10 seconds to 1 second to prepare the user to get ready for the picture
Step 4. Photo is clicked and auto saved to the Camera Roll of the iPad device and also backup is taken in Google Photos.
Step 5. Screen display - asks the user to enter their name, email via a form.
Step 6. An email is created with a To, From, Subject auto filled with the image file of the last photo shot attached.
Step 7. User will click the Button - Send message.
Step 8 Screen Displays a thank you message!

Can you help me to build this? i

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