An Update to Workload, Plus More Transparent Calculations

This is my plan too. I’ll use Bubble on the legacy personal plan for a while for a personal AI workflow app - but once I’m ready to do something that needs scale, I’ll either use WeWeb & Xano (1st choice) or Flutterflow & Firebase.

Hi @alcompstudio :wink:

I only tried Drapcode and Noodl for a while. I tried 7-8 different platforms in a rush of 2-3 days, trying to not invest too much time and discard quickly. It means I have not gone deep into these two, so I only can say that for Drapcode I find the UI a little unexciting, as you say, not much documentation/community discouraged me. For Noodle, if it helps, I made this note “it seems more like low-code, the UI is very different. It would need to try deeper to see how complex it actually is”.
So for now, I’m trying with FF (also because the pricing), and keeping an eye on Weweb.

Also, after tracking the market and finding out that there are many platforms, I got the feeling that is too crowded and some of them will not survive, so I think I’d like to stick to something that feels like having a promising future.


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Thanks for your response, @atlasproject !

I, too, am wary of the fact that no-code platforms are proliferating very often and stopping at one is quite a difficult choice. But still, I haven’t met anyone like Bubble yet. It is very important for me to have exactly no-code functionality, especially in terms of complex queries and displaying data “in human language”. And also the output of multi-level repeating groups on the single page. So far, I’ve found it only in Bubble “in a single format”. In other platforms, alas, either only one thing is implemented (for example, only good page designer, or only backend with query builder, or only workflow builder). And the missing functionality - you can do only with your knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Java - but that’s not what I need. Bubble gives all the features to implement, but I’m afraid that with all the simplicity of my application for the average user, it will be very difficult in the load when displaying data (lots of queries, loops, workflow actions on the server side). So most likely I will not manage in monetary cost for my application. The cost of the service for the users of my portal will be incommensurate with the cost of maintaining the platform on Bubble, which is very sad… I will be at a big loss. But I still have hope, for now, that the developers will find some optimized option in pricing. Thanks for your response, again!


Wait did we get some sort of price change recently?

OK taking a breath and joking… I feel like beating a dead horse is beyond a description here. pretty much beating concrete that’s your own fists busted up… This sounds really brown nosy but I assure you if you know me I am not that person. I say what I think and everyones opinion matters here… To me… it seems like they are doing the best they can and the ones who are face forward talking with us all deserve a little credit. There is a larger picture to this which most of us really wouldn’t understand or who cares at this point its done its happening… now what are we going to do… I don’t know anything nor do I care. I care about my foot moving forward after the other and supporting my family, and I like Team Sports.

I hear the bubble community is a good group of people. If we steer just 2 percent of our own personally anger and frustrations choose to be positive and help your mates around you, 2 percent adds up well past 100 really fast. It’s team sports.

Ive read years of this forum trying to learn anything and everything possible and it seems like they do care more than the norm and are trying to improve performance of the system which was a big topic in the past… Call me crazy but that usually comes with a price increase. large projects, more hired devs (sr devs), (more senior tech support), and a lot of beer after working 17 hours 7 days a week costs money…

Help each other out pay it forward and if bubble falls apart… come to my way and the first rounds on me.

Wish everyone best of luck… be the 2%'rs

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Thanks for directing people to the correct resource.

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Im totally down for the 2% Im going to contact the bubble team for something that could 10x their business. I just need to know how to get in contact with one of their heads or leads. Government would back this application if they agree.