Android WebView Test App

So this is a super simple WebView app, Its something i use every now and then to quickly view bubble apps inside a native android app. You just put your apps url in and it will show that app in the wrapper. Ive published it on the play store so if people get some use out of it I will add some controls and maybe even an apk compiler to knock one out for yourself…


It doesn’t use the permission manager?

No, it uses the half hour slap it together manager, with a side of coding for < SDK 19 compatt… :slight_smile: i will add it if its that sought after I just found it more than convenient to use on a few occasions so i thought someone else might.

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LOVE it! Haha… I love that protocol. The 30 minute hackasprint! Brilliant!

This is the ONLY playstore App I’ve found from Bubble.

Are there more examples for inspiration?

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Here is a link to ours on the play store.

I’m a little confused. Can someone please explain the difference between this and saving my webpage to my screen? Is it just quicker or am I missing something?

My main reason is to ensure any feature (Bubble or Plugin), functions as it should in a native app’s webview container.

Ohhh okay

Hey thanks @jcindy81! I’d love to have a look, except I’ve been transplanted to the opposite side of this big blue marble thingy we’re on. (I’m in Seoul, Korea). I can’t access your app there.


Another alternative is
You can wrap, preview and publish your androis app.
Give it a try.