Angellist and/or Indeed API to build a research tool

Hi all! First of all thanks for your time bringing to solving my question. I am working as a sourcing recruiter and quite often using both Indeed and Angellist separately for deep company/role research. What I am looking for is to have a data from the APIs (ideally from both or at least one of them) being accessible from the very same place. Does it possible to implement it in Bubble? If so - what should I do first. Thanks again!

Do they both have APIs? I couldn’t find any info on the angel list one.

I was having on mind Blockspring with their Angellist API functionality

Hi ,

Indeed API is quite straightforward for what I remember.
Having both results in the same list would be a bit tricky I think. But I can imagine you can get a list of postings from indeed and then add more informations on those listings from Angelist requests…

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I see. Any hints on how to implement it just with the Angellist API delivered by Blocksring? Thanks