Animate caret(or any icon) 90 degree


Has anyone already done this? Don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but haven’t found any mention about it in the forum.

What I’m looking is for a smooth animation when clicking on a collapsable item.

Note: I’m currently using @mishav toolbox to execute JS on workflow but was wondering if someone already made this into a plugin given it’s a common menu animation.

This is how I have set it up in case anyone wants to use it.

And this is the “result”. It may seem clunky in the GIF but it’s a problem with the frame rate of the recording. Animation is actually smooth.

Don’t forget to expose the id of the caret element so you can access it from javascript action. In my example I called it “caret”.

@Bubble would you consider adding more animations to the standard animation action that are quite standard to avoid messing up with states, JS and exposing ID element?


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