Animate Causes a Button to Become Non-Responsive

Anyone else have this problem? When i had a nice menu button in my heading i decided that instead of just showing the menu when clicking the button that it would nicely animate from the bottom. It was awesome! Then closing the menu would animate it back down. However, i noticed it would make my menu button non-responsive after the animation. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks. So sad that my animations can’t be added to my design.

Hi @jklabbatz :slight_smile: Can you share a link to the app editor? Or a screenshot of the animation workflows that you have set up?

I already changed it back so my app would run correctly. I will try to recreate it in a new application if possible and send a link.

I can’t seem to re-create it to make it have the same problem. I am doing the same exact thing. Not sure what is going on. Weird.

No worries at all! If it happens again, feel free to let me know!

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