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Hi- appologies I have not used a subforum, I am not quite sure what I need here.

So at its most basic, I need to be able to show a tree growing and shrinking, depending on the current value of a slider.

My current thought is I would create/aquire a 10 second animation of tree and then use a workflow/dynamic reference in the animation to select the frame (so set the slider value 0-100 and then set it up so the frame selected is equal to 0.1 of a second, or whatever the mininum unit possible is). That way as the slider is moved, the tree grows/shrinks.

My issue is I cannot find a plugin that would let me do that that is free and I don’t want to gamble on a paid plugin when I am not sure my plan makes sense. Happy to pay 10-20 one off if I can be sure its a solution but I dont want to be throwing money at solutions that are not feasible.

So I guess my questions are 1)- is my idea workable and the best way of getting what I want, and 2) if so, how do I do it?

Thank you, hope this made sense!

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can you show me how this tree looks like?

Not finalised yet, but something like this- plant by Rukesh Reddy - LottieFiles
So I would ideally be able to display it at x seconds in, or x frames in, and then control which frame was displayed via the slider.

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Something like this?
its updating the current frame every time you release the handle (bubble handle)


Yes, absolutely that you mad genius! How have you got that working?

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It took me a while, but i found some hidden features on LottieFiles that alowed me to get some extra functions/propeties like the current frame, then i used javascript to talk btween bubble elements

Ah okay, that makes sense. Any chance you could share the project so I can work through it and adapt it for myself or even just share the javascript you are using? No worries if not, it gives me a good starting part. Thanks for all the help!

you can test it by your self and see if this is what you need

It took me a while to make, so if you are up to pay for the whole project i can sell you

It 100% is - the only issue is its just one part of a wider project so I need it as something modular I can play with- which is why I was considering paying for a plugin as I can reuse it, but just buying the standalone project, its not going to be much use. As a heads up, I also wouldn’t feel comfortable paying for it without using something protected like the bubble marketplace, so if we could do something like that, as I say, I would be willing to pay 10-20 for a plugin but otherwise I am very sorry for wasting your time, but I honestly didn’t realise you were creating it with the intent of sale, I was just looking for advice (though completely recognise in retrospect how the inital post may have been misleading there and again, can only appologise)

You can change pretty much all avaliable options, speed, reverse, auto play, etc.

The problem is that you ask for something specific and now you say you need something better. You askd for a solution, not a whole plugin. Also you said you wd be happy to pay 10-20$, you didnot mentioned that you wanted a plugin for that price. I suggest you be more specific next time so we can help each other.

If you still interest you this project for 20$ i can show you how to use it

I can only appologise- I only included mention of a price for context incase the answer to my the questions I ask asking required an existing plugin -as many of the lottie extensions for roughly that amount do allow control of the frame, but I didn’t want to buy one that wouldn’t do what I needed. It was not my intention to ask for someone to create a paid solution- I was asking if the solution I described was workable, the best approach and ask for ideas on how to do it, which I did have at the end of the post.

I am very sorry for wasting your time, I hadn’t realised that you were creating a working solution with the intention of being paid until this morning, or I would have clarified. I will be much clearer in the future.

Appologies again.

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