Animation speed too high

Hey there! I’ve been working with the new responsive engine for a few days now and I’ve been loving it. I have an animation with the style of left/ right that I would like to be a bit slower. Is this something that’s possible yet?

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It should be possible with a bit of custom CSS. If you send me a link to a test page, I’ll help you with that.

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I created an account for you in the app. The email is and the password is password. Simply navigate to the messages part of the app on a phone or phone simulator (inspect element on chrome), and you’ll see a couple people I’ve already attached you to. If you press on one of them you should see a really short swipe animation that I would like to be a little bit longer. Thanks so much for your help! Here is the link to tests it:

If you have any problems please let me know. Thanks again!

Okay it might be trickier than I thought. The screen with the user list and the details page are two different elements. When you click on a user, it adds display:none to the user list and remove display:none from the details page. And the other way around when you click on the Back button.

I thought of adding a CSS transition property to each of the two elements, but that can’t really work because browsers disable CSS transitions when you change the display property. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s currently possible to change the speed of the animation. That said, in my opinion, the animation looks good as-is in your app.

Also while doing my research, I found a few other discussions about similar issues. You might be interested in this and that. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful…

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That’s okay, I appreciate the effort! I really hope the devs add a setting in the future to edit animation speed.