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I just launched my MVP, Pital & Co which is a startup looking to automate the financial analysis process and allow business owners to take a hands off approach to the financial analysis and advisory of there business. Spread the word, and sign up! We are doing a special beta price of $149/month for the launch. Let me know what you think and if you find any kinks!

Link is:



Hey @schnetzlerjoe,

Love the design of the app! Thought I’d give an idea/input to add some padding at the bottom right of the pages where the Disclaimer is, as it ‘hugs’ the right side of the browser window.

Good luck in your new start up! :slight_smile:


Thank you!

I will do such. We greatly appreciate that.


@schnetzlerjoe I’ve realized by visiting, the price you’re stating and the price shown on the page differs. :wink:


Wow, good catch! Thank you!


Quickly looking;

  • Contact us page sends the message even all fields are empty
  • Terms page is 404 - Termly, the service you have used, is not showing anything
  • Footer Social media links are not opening in new window, you take your customer out of your website for no good reason
  • In general, there is very small chance for a visitor to understand what you are offering, you need to put more information out there
  • You have no trial period, at least I didnt see, it would be hard for a visitor to trust you without trying your product, so this might effect your signup rate
  • Also your social media accounts doesnt have any content, literally all of them are empty, why would you put there if there isnt any “social proof” in them

On the other hand, congratulations for launching your MVP. Your niche looks pretty good, I am sure you will have lots of opportunities.

Thank you for this! This is incredibly helpful and appreciative!

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