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Announcing launch of the Widgets site! Showcase your work and see how widgets are built


very nice

This is awesome!! I was wondering how to structure/make a messenger application! This is so helpful!! Thank you so much!

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had suggested the readonly feature here, is it now available for any app?

btw, does Bubble support cloning something that is readonly into your own workspace? (cloning it with some default database configured by the app author I mean, not with the current database of the example which might contain sensitive data from other users who tried the app)

hi @birbilis, bubble does now support read only apps for paid plans. you can select it from the settings tab (general subtab). at this point you can copy and paste a set of elements with workflows, but not with database structure. thus some widgets are easier to copy than others, but all can be added to your app pretty easily if you just mimic the database structure and fix the issues.

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Hi @vlad

Great website! Vey useful.

Noticed a small bug/annoyance with the messenger app. Every time you type and send a new message it scrolls you down the page until the message box is center of the page… get’s a little annoying after a while.


I uploaded a new widget example to the page. The idea is to show examples of what can be done with nested (embedded) repeating groups. I hope it helps somebody.


Raymond Wienand

[email protected]


I noticed the same.


Is there some way to prevent the site from doing this? I have the same issue with my messenger at the moment

We need a bit more context to help here (ideally not go through each post to know what this is about :stuck_out_tongue:). Best is to file a bug report of you think it’s one.

@raymond, thanks for submitting that widget! I think it will be very helpful to the community.

To summarize the widgets listed so far:

  1. Reference manual (nested repeating groups)
  2. Group messenger application
  3. Countdown timer
  4. Responsive header menu
  5. Login with facebook
  6. A goat-matching game (My personal favorite, although I’m biased)
  7. Tabbed menus
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@andrew1 and @pat - I submitted a bug report for the above

@andrew1 and @Pat - turns out it’s not a Bubble bug. What’s causing that to happen is the action of setting focus to the text input after the message is sent. Part of the “set focus” action is also scrolling to the element to which focus is set. I welcome any thoughts on how to get around that…

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@vlad and @Pat - This makes sense!

@emmanuel - Is it possible to just create a checkbox option for the set focus action to not scroll to position? I can see other situations where this might cause a problem.

Well let’s see if others ask… I can see some pretty bad situations where the focus is on an invisible element, pressing enter and running a workflow without knowing what is going on. Not a great thing to do…

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Hey @vlad

I have actually no idea. I am working on this at the moment but whatever Iam doing (scroll to, set focus to etc.) there is always some akward jumping (scroll down than up etc).

@ all @ emmanuel

Do you any idea how we can achieve that the user just hits enter, sends his text to the chat group etc. and the page is not “jumping around”?

Hey all - just wanted to let you know that we’ve added the ability to request widgets and upvote the requests of others on the homepage. Let us know which widgets would be helpful to the community!


This is AWESOME! Thanks Vlad!! :smiley:

Happy to announce that we’ve migrated the widgets into plugins through the new functionality added by bubble.
Each widget’s api calls are also accessible via the plugin directly (just search Airdev in the plugin list):

Here’s the list of widgets that have been migrated.

  1. Uber
  2. Spotify
  3. Indico
  4. OpenWeatherMap
  5. Dropbox
  6. Gmail
  7. Google Places
  9. Slack
  10. Instagram
  12. Neutrino

Happy Bubbling !!

  • The Airdev Team

So cool…