Announcing the Bubble Pioneers Program

Hi everyone,

I am excited to announce our first community program, the Bubble Pioneers Program! Also, this is my first post since joining the Bubble team, and looking forward to connecting with you all!

We would like to thank all of you for being such active community members here on the forum! We are thrilled to see how interactions have moved from online to offline through your own initiatives to plan and organize in-person events. The Bubble Pioneers Program is our way of identifying and supporting the Bubble community leaders across the globe who are furthering our mission of democratizing tech with Bubble, and giving them additional tools to build and manage their communities.

We want to partner with our most energetic, motivated and passionate users to strengthen and create tech-focused, entrepreneurial communities all over the globe. Through in-person events that Pioneers organize and run, like-minded people with interests in Bubble, creativity, and tech-enabled innovation will come together, and gain value from content, speakers, and conversations that occur in their community events.

We are excited to have Bubble Pioneers become an integral part of our global community. They will also have unique opportunities to interact directly with the Bubble team, peer Pioneers, and the Bubble community at large. Some other perks Pioneers will see include community recognition, access to your exclusive Pioneers community, priority support from the Bubble team, access to your local tech events, among others! Pioneers will become direct partners to Bubble, and we are excited to work with you all!

Check out our blog post here to learn more about the Bubble Pioneers Program!

– Alex


Welcome to community @alex.bolanos

A great idea to kick off with the new year. I love it


Hi @alex.bolanos

Very nice initiative from Bubble. Well done.


This is awesome, @alex.bolanos! It’s great to see Bubble investing in their community like this.


Very cool! :clinking_glasses::hugs:

Might be interested in helping with a Connecticut chapter.


This is such an amazing program @alex.bolanos! Great work to you and the team.



Great name for the program!

What would be cool as one of the perks would be to get the chance to spend some time at the NYC office with the team :wink: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi Alex,
Is there any status update on the Pioneer program (applications)?
Looking forward to Bubble expansion in Europe!

Yes! Actually wanted to share with you all that @erik.bubble is now taking the lead on the Pioneers program. As our Startup Evangelist here in NYC and experience as a community builder, we felt it made the most sense for him to lead our community of Bubble Pioneers! You may have seen his posts on the forum about various events happening here in NYC, or about cool opportunities in the NoCode space, so be sure to keep an eye out for his posts and emails from him! It was great to get to know many of you through your applications or phone calls, and I will still be working with Erik to best support you all, but wanted to take the time to introduce him to everyone! Look out for communications from him! We are very excited to continue to bring Bubble, the NoCode movement, and entrepreneurship everywhere with your help!