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Announcing the launch of AirDev Sprint – get a web app made in 5 days, for $3k, and with a 100% money-back guarantee

Hello Bubblers!

Just wanted to announce our new service line, AirDev Sprint. The Sprint is designed to be the fastest way around to get your web app off the ground. Here’s how it works:

  1. You answer a few simple questions about what you want to build
  2. We set up a call with one of our Product Managers to discuss your idea and figure out the best way to approach building it
  3. We put together detailed specifications for your product
  4. You decide whether or not you want to proceed with the build
  5. If you don’t want to build it based on the specs, you owe us nothing. If you do want to build it, you make the payment and we’re on the clock
  6. We deliver your application within a few days and you decide whether you want to keep it. If you’re not satisfied, just let us know within 72 hours of draft delivery and we give you all of your money back

At this point, we have 5 spots open for the Bubble Forum users, with a 15% discount ($2,550). If you want to get started on a Sprint, just let me know at v[email protected].

Thank you and feel free to either message me or post on here if you have any questions!



I would like to get started, but I’ll need a week or two for funds …

Any way possible for more of a discount ? =/