Annoying API bug when saving it creates duplicates the first time it runs - lag in the workflow!


When adding a CSV upload to create users and to create additional things from the uploaded file the first time it runs it creates duplicates.


Upload a csv with users and have in that file a user belonging to particular ‘Group’ in a Group table not attached to the user at the time of the run.

The API workflow create the user just fine, but in the work-flow is the condition to Create a Group as listed in the temp file if that Group does not exists.

This works fine except the first time you run the API if I have a new ‘Group’ name it creates the group as it should, but it also creates the Group again when it runs the second user in the file with the same Group, but the condition is clearly set to say don’t create this group if it exists.

It only happens the second time all other occurrences in a file of 100 users the condition works - it does not create a Group if that Group exists - as stated in the condition.

I have set the API work flow to 10 seconds between each user creation, but it still does it on larger files and other times it doesn’t on smaller files. It is as if in that 10 seconds the first time it encounters the new group the query to check if the Group exists istdoes not initiate fast enough and then all subsequent work-flow run troughs it does.

As if it takes two runs of the work-flow to work.

This is so annoying it has taken me days to trouble shoot this and after rebuilding the work-flow many times realised it was not the conditions but a lag in the work-flow from first record to second which is creating the issue.

Has anyone else noticed this???

Driving me insane.

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It happened also when modified 20 records (take 30 seconds to process). During that period, you edit one of those records, modified and save it, and than, couple of seconds later, it was erased by the 30 seconds process! We need a way to full throttle cpu ‘tasks per milliseconds, not seconds’ for our app for some important parts, particularly API calls.

Agree, I hope Bubble is listening and focusing on performance there needs to be at least checks to make sure this doesn’t happen. If there is a way to ensure this doesn’t happen, then I would like to know what that is!

maybe someone can formulate it in a better way?

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