Anonymity - collecting highly sensitive data

Hello everyone,

What can a Bubble developer do if certain data need to be completely anonymous? For instance, someone might develop an app for therapists, which would store patient data. These data should be accessible in a human-readable format only by the therapists themselves (i.e., the users); the app developer should not be able to read these data.

I already contacted the Bubble support team, and it seems that there is no way to fully anonymize data using the Bubble database. They suggested considering using a third-party database provider which could be integrated with an API connector.

I have two main questions :

  1. Do you have suggestions for third-party database providers, and how to anonymize data with them?

  2. Is it really a solution? It seems that I will always have access to the “User” data-type (since they are created with the workflow “sign the user up”). This means that I will always be able to use the function “run as” and see the participants’ data from inside their personal dashboard.

Thanks in advance for the great support!