Anonymize data - API and third-party database providers

Dear Bubble community,

I am a postdoctoral fellow in psychology and I am building an app that we will use as a novel self-help treatment for sleep problems (insomnia and PTSD nightmares).

We will conduct a pilot study with 10-20 participants to test the treatment. In the context of this study, there are data that will be reported by the participants which need to be completely anonymous (I need to be blind to these data, even though I am the app developer). Otherwise, the participants might prefer not to report certain sensitive data, which will affect the treatment’s effectiveness.

I already contacted the Bubble support team, and it seems that there is no way to fully anonymize data using the Bubble database. They suggested considering using a third-party database provider which could be integrated with an API connector.

I have two main questions :

  1. Do you have suggestions for third-party database providers, and how to anonymize data with them ? (I am thinking about Microsoft Azure?)
  2. Is it really a solution ? It seems that I will always have access to the “User” data-type (since they are created with the workflow “sign the user up”). This means that I will always be able to use the function “run as” and see the participants’ data from inside their personal dashboard.

Thanks in advance for the great support !

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Hi @alexandre.lemyre
You can try XANO database
It’s easy to connect & you will find lot of tutorials online