Anonymous User able to perform tasks in app

So I have an app that allows multiple counter staff to access and use an app using one common set of login credentials known to all. Because not all staff members can be relied upon to remember the login credentials, the manager usually logs in early in the morning and then leaves the app up all day long. When nobody is using the app, it is usually just minimized on-screen. When any staff member does use the app, they maximize it on screen and perform their task.
Upon completion of the task, they return to the app’s home screen and minimize the app.

Should any user whether intentionally or unintentionally log-off, I have a workflow that takes the user back to the Index page. From here the user (or the manager if need be) would need to log on again. One last note, the common staff member credentials represent a “user” authorized by the Administrator. The Administrator is the person who sign-up.

While all of this seems to work just fine, occasionally there appears to be a glitch where the staff user is somehow logged off but the app itself remains accessible (???). That is, the workflow that is supposed to take the user back to the Index page isn’t called. The result: actions are able to be performed by users identified as “Anonymous User”. Any ideas why this is the case would be greatly appreciated.

  1. See this screen-shot of log files.

  1. Here’s what the Bubble Manual says about Anonymous Users.


@tom.love1250 you can fix this with a action in every screen that triggers on page load “on page load”. You can fit it in a reusable element like header.

This will redirect all non logged in users to login screen, so no “Anonymous User” will be able to navigate the screen even via links.

I have that workflow, but I can still see anonymous users

I just found a similar situation whereby an Anonymous User booked a paid session on my site. The button they clicked is disabled if the Current User is logged out. Somehow someone was able to click it and proceed.

I’m testing it now while I’m logged out and the button is disabled.

I’ll keep investigating but this is odd behavior.