Another Autobind Question

For me, autobind only works with a repeating group, (so i set it up with one column one row) is this normal behavior? When I use a group, im always getting …bla bla expects x to be x but right now its x …

From your description here alone, I’m afraid I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about :slight_smile:

Could you describe it in more detail, or share the app?


Group does not work, Repeating group does

That’s because “Search for sales” will always return a list unless you tell it explicitly to only choose one entry, like using the “first item” operator.

Repeating Groups are expecting a list of data, whereas Groups are only expecting one. You can’t use “Search for sales” in a Group unless you specify which one entry you want put there.


still pondering your explanation. Lists, not-lists confounds me…

I’ll try to describe the difference, and hope it makes sense. I’m sure you already know some of this, but bear with me:

Things, in Bubble, are basically any data type, and can include a number of fields. So User is a Thing, for example, and First Name, Last Name and Email are fields in that Thing.

List of things
Bubble is very specific in what kind of data it expects returned from a query. So, as the name implies, a List is merely a List of things, for example a search results for Users matching specific search filters. A Repeating Group will not accept a Thing as its Data Source, as the element is built specifically to show lists. So your Repeating Group is set up correctly. The Do a Search for command will return a list of results (if the results is just one, that’s fine, it’s still a list)

Your Group, on the other hand, is not built to store data on more than one Thing. So when you use the Do a Search For command on that, it will return a list, and you will get an error. Again: even if the list contains only one Thing. So you need to single your List down to one Thing. One way of doing this, as @andrewgassen suggests, is to use the :First item operator. That will return the first Thing it finds when searching, so you can usually use different constraints to reach the Thing you want.


These things are a bit confusing at first, but once you see the logic, it’s quite intuitive :slight_smile: