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Another backend workflow question

Isn’t day just a day (Mon/Tue/Wed) and date a number? It’s always rounded down to 00:00 in the relevant timezone for me.

I tried both and both gave the same [current date] @ 00:00 o’clock

I guess cause rounding the time down to the start of todays date, is the same as rounding the time down to the start of… the day of today? :rofl: :man_shrugging:

Potato potata huh

They just allow the same :rounded down to as they do :extract from date time which is why day/date are different (because :extract day from date time is different to extract date from date time)

Yep that’s what I figured after searching it up cause the docs for rounding just tell you to look at the extract options.

The real question is what am I doing on Bubble forum at 3am

@tylerboodman I have a new system:

  • Pressing the button has a first step action (no conditionals) that schedules an API WF that creates the rows (this backend workflow has the conditional to only do so if empty), the next action step on this button workflow schedules (also unconditional) the API WF that modifies the data (this backend workflow has the conditional to only modify when there is data from today already). If this starts modifying the data while the “create” workflow is still creating its data it shouldn’t matter because it’s the same data. the second time the button gets pressed, only the modify wf will execute.

-as for the workflow that happens at midnight, it just trigger the same “create” api workflow mentioned above. This one is just a system for producing the data for the day if user did not press the button. This ensures there’s always accurate data each day.

This whole system (unless its flawed) should be able to handle all circumstances and provide real time modifications to the data.

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