Another Google Maps API Question

Hi, Bubblers, moved my first app to the Personal plan and its own domain name so I had to create my own Google Map API.
I created my API key with Google for Google Maps Javascript API, setup billing and verified my domain name. I currently don’t have any restrictions on it. I pasted the API key in to the Bubble Geocode and Maps API Keys section and deployed to Live.
On my profile creation form, I have a searchbox input for the user to enter their address. When typing in the box, it is not auto-filling suggested addresses like it used to using Bubble’s API, implying that my API is not connecting. When submitting the form with the Searchbox as a required field, the workflow errors out. When submitting the form with Searchbox not required, the workflow runs successfully.
Viewing my Google account, it doesn’t look to be receiving any calls from Bubble.

So clearly I haven’t done this correctly and looking at similar topic threads, I wasn’t able to figure it out. Would gladly appreciate perspective from the experts. Thanks!

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