Another Story - We help brands discover and book professional models direct

Hi Guys,

Pleased to announce that I’ve gone live with my app in the UK -

Clients can view models portfolios, message them, book them for jobs and castings and pay with Stripe.

Models can signup and once approved, build out their own portfolios and set their prices.

I have lots of cool features I’m working on such as a facial recognition API, a video casting process and drag/ drop mood-boards.

I come from a photography background and my co-founder is a model. Together we’re building a company to help professional models with a legitimate freelance career and clients to cut out the middle man (the industry is plagued with underhanded practices, price fixing)

I’m currently working at a tech accelerator and talking to investors about raising a seed round in April. Bubble has really opened up a lot of options for a startup career for me. The other developers on the programme are impressed with my speed of iteration and it’s been to my advantage.

Special mention to Geoff @gf_wolfer who has been instrumental in helping me build this app. Very skilled and lovely guy.

Also special mention to @brentsum for helping me get off the ground 3 months ago with his tutorials -

Lastly, thanks so much to @emmanuel and @josh for the added support and patience.


Wow @gregjohnkeegan. Amazingly looking UI and great UX.

Would be cool if you could keep us updated as you hit your landmarks. (Your first 25 users, your first sales, and any other interesting goals that you have reached, specially how bubble is holding on as you grow).

Great job. Hope to hear more from you in the future.


Amazing work on the app and this business as a whole.
Congrats on the launch, looking forward to following and occasionally helping Another Story’s growth!


Congrats @gregjohnkeegan - the site looks amazing!

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Greg, just seeing this now (from the link). Very nice work, both in design and execution. Lovely job with the tone and human approach to this (loved the tone of the how it works video). You can certainly tell it’s something you’re addressing with care. Hope the demand for it is developing strongly as well.

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