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ANSWERED: Detecting a change inside a group with many binding fields

I know you can do this individually to each field, but is there a way to detect when any data is changed in the group?

My group has many binding fields, all I need to know if the any field inside the group were changed by the user to then execute one comon action. A kind of “If any anything is this group changed then…”


Always hard to know exactly without seeing how things are setup… But if all the Auto Binding fields are for the same item of Data then you could use this…

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Thank you very much, this works perfectly.

For those who are new like me, do the following:

  1. Go to the WORKFLOW area
  2. Find an empty square
  3. Click and select “Do this when condition is true”
  4. Do as shown by @gf_wolfer above

You will need to know the name of your group, the type that is linked to that group.

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