ANSWERED: How do you un "live" or unpublished. Important!

I was setting things up. Thought I could unpublished. How can I un-publish?

You can’t really unpublish a site once you’ve deployed, but you can do 1 of 2 things:

  1. When page is loaded > navigate to another page that says you’re still under construction or something. A landing page that doesn’t have any links to any of your pages.

  2. Switch your index page with another page to be the temporary index. Right-click on the page to see “make this page new index” at the very bottom. That will make the existing index turn into “old_index”

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This is why I requested the feature take site ‘offline’ with a maintenance page option!

Gaby, with regard to point number 2;

I haven’t tried, but curious to know does this also change any workflow navigation links to the new index? For example, if you had a Home button on each page (in the header or wherever), does it get changed to old index or point to the new index?

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I support that feature!!

I’m about 90% on the right now, but I think the existing links should “stay with the page” in the same way that if you rename a page, any links to it do not get broken. Can’t confirm right now if that’s the case with the index switch, but my assumption is the new index doesn’t receive old index’s links … unless of course you use “website home url” for the navigation because that should always point to “index”


Thanks for your quick response. Yes, a Take Offline feature is very important. I had to disconnect my domain as I was not sure how things would setup. So my domain is now in limbo. I could not find any documentation on the best way of deploying. Now I know what to do. So I am going live with no domain for my beta period. Thanks

Create a new app, with just maintenance page.

Point domain at that ?


& delete the old app to permanently hide it from public space