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ANSWERED: Who is causing this, Stripe or Bubble? (Subscription)

In testing: If I go from Subscribe $x.xx (I get ask for test credit card) and then Cancel Subscription and back to Subscribe again, I don’t get asked for a credit card the second time around and forward and the transactions go through automatically.

The result in the Strip Dashboard is that I am charged multiple times. I never clicked Remember this card.

The CC panel should show again every time but it doesn’t after first time. Otherwise, can you see the potential problem here?

Thanks in advance…

Bubble saves the customer id that stripe provides so the card is saved on stripes end and reused.

Now if a user cancels a plan immediately and subscribes again, stripe charges it twice indeed. That’s how stripe works. You maybe able to change that in stripe subscription settings, but I’m not sure. It happens very rarely though (at least for bubble users subscribing to a plan), so manually refunding isn’t too bad.

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I see. Thanks for the quick response.

I think I am going to have to not allow a person to subscribe after just having canceled. But likely not good for business. Perhaps I can allow a one time re-subcribing only.

It does not make sense that Strip allows multiple charges on the same subscription. If you look at the Stripe control panel, the user ends up with one subscription but with multiple initial charges. It seems like after that, the user is only charged once a month. (BTW all this was done in testing mode)

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