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Anxiety about seeing the source code in developer tools

I’m worried that other people will see the source code in the developer tools …
I don’t want others to easily imitate the apps I’ve developed so hard.
Do I need to take steps against developer tools?
I’m sorry if the text is hard to read💦
Anxious about being imitated…
Is it easy to copy an app created with a bubble by viewing the source code in the developer tools?

Theres no getting around seeing code in the dev tools. With that said, if you have privacy rules in place it will protect your data. If someone really wanted to copy your app, they technically could as far as visuals.


thank you for teaching me!

you can actually access the entire app if your privacy rules arent set properly. and not just visuals. I can see actual data, the process takes about 30secs to do, but once you access it, you can download someones entire database. Which is why I said privacy rules protect your data.