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Any Australian Bubblers?

Hi Peter, do you have time on working on a project ?

I got an unique idea which I’m trying to build a team together. I’ve done most of the UI/UX myself.


Hi @ethan.lien84,

Thanks for reaching out. Sounds great, I wish I was able to help out, however I’m currently fully committed to a project for at least another 8 weeks.

I don’t mind waiting as there is no urgency. Can you code or make all the UI/UX design work on bubble ? The app is a social group buying similar to Groupon but with a twist.

Hey mate noticed you’ve got a job opening, has this been filled?

Hey mate!
No, the position is still available: productbox hiring Digital Product Developper in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia | LinkedIn

I’ll shoot you a PM!

Hi Peter, would you be open to having a chat about your Tradie Marketplace with me. Im new to bubble and looking to launch a MVP in this space but with a twist that no one is currently doing or thought of yet from my research. I saw your comments about Service Seeking and HiPages being a tough gig and i agree. I have a spin on this model that would make launching something like this much easier, B2B model. Im in Brisbane also on southside and have been in the Building & Construction Indusrty for over 25 years running both a construction company and a engineering company. I know what these fellow tradies / business owners go through on a day to day basis and what i have come up with will help easy the pain.

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Yes @Andrew.b,

That sounds good! Let’s have a chat, I’ve sent you a PM.



Hey All… there is an Australian Bubble Facebook group now.

If you’re Australian please jump on.

There are a few of us who would really love to see the Australian Bubble contingent have a home.


Hey all, another Australia bubble dev here!
(Will Ericksson - Developer)


Bumping this to the top but we are welcoming any NEw Zealanders to the group. :heart:

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Hey everyone, great to see so many Australians using Bubble. We are currently hiring for a full time role at Kidsbook.

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Looks like an awesome opportunity @jonathan.baxter1991 - good luck with your search :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone
I want to mention our agency Momentum Group.
We are based in Sydney, NSW. We also have some team in Brisbane, QLD, and overseas.
We offer professional UXUI Design and Bubble Development.
We’ve delivered over 20 projects with a focus on quality, reliability, scalability, security and good project management.
Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss working together.

Hi Peter.
Hope you are doing good. I am an electrical engineer but my interest field is web development and now i am using bubble platform have experience of 1yr. i am planning to move Australia very soon do you have any vacancy?

how to contact?

Hi Folks ****** EOI Requested *********

We have two platforms in commercial use now.

We are looking for some local support (we already have long standing overseas support) for integration of some APIs to connect to a service that exposes a JSON-based, RESTful web API to fetch data from an external service and post data to trigger some actions on the service’s end.

Knowledge of Postman a third-party service that allows us test API calls and receive more specific error details would be helpful also.

Please DM me if you can help !

****only Australian experienced applicants or organsations will be considered as we have no time for trial and error *****