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Any Australian Bubblers?

Hi Peter, do you have time on working on a project ?

I got an unique idea which I’m trying to build a team together. I’ve done most of the UI/UX myself.


Hi @ethan.lien84,

Thanks for reaching out. Sounds great, I wish I was able to help out, however I’m currently fully committed to a project for at least another 8 weeks.

I don’t mind waiting as there is no urgency. Can you code or make all the UI/UX design work on bubble ? The app is a social group buying similar to Groupon but with a twist.

Hey mate noticed you’ve got a job opening, has this been filled?

Hey mate!
No, the position is still available: productbox hiring Digital Product Developper in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia | LinkedIn

I’ll shoot you a PM!

Hi Peter, would you be open to having a chat about your Tradie Marketplace with me. Im new to bubble and looking to launch a MVP in this space but with a twist that no one is currently doing or thought of yet from my research. I saw your comments about Service Seeking and HiPages being a tough gig and i agree. I have a spin on this model that would make launching something like this much easier, B2B model. Im in Brisbane also on southside and have been in the Building & Construction Indusrty for over 25 years running both a construction company and a engineering company. I know what these fellow tradies / business owners go through on a day to day basis and what i have come up with will help easy the pain.

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Yes @Andrew.b,

That sounds good! Let’s have a chat, I’ve sent you a PM.



Hey All… there is an Australian Bubble Facebook group now.

If you’re Australian please jump on.

There are a few of us who would really love to see the Australian Bubble contingent have a home.


Hey all, another Australia bubble dev here!
(Will Ericksson - Developer)

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