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Any course recommendation to learn Bubble?

Hey everyone,

I’m currently looking to improve my Bubble skills to launch a business and was looking for some great course to join.

So far I found this really cool cohort ( where you learn with peers the fundamentals of no-code to build your MVP in 6 weeks and there’s a good focus on Bubble from what I’ve heard.

Applications are closing this Friday and am probably going to join.

Do you think this is a good cohort to join? Any recommendations?

Hello! Have you checked out the Bubble Bootcamps? There are three offerings which differ in scope and are directed towards users at different stages of the Bubble journey:

Fundamentals: a 4-week course where the goal is to learn all the core tools/features/functions of the Bubble Editor

Build & Launch: an 8-week course where you come in with an idea; you’ll not only learn to better use the features, but also will build out your idea up to (or beyond) an MVP (minimum viable product)

Professionals: an 8-week course geared towards Bubblers who are already somewhat competent, but want to become experts; after completion of this course, you’ll be ready to build (for yourself, or for clients) with confidence

On the Bootcamps page, you can view more details about these courses by clicking the “Learn more” button under each.