Any Free CAD/MDT's?

Hello i am wondering if anyone has any free CAD/MDTs because i am starting a Sales server and i only have 2 CAD/MDTs i cannot invite anyone untill we have more CAD/MDTs when we have 5 CAD/MDTs we will open atm we only have 2 CADs the classic CAD and the realistic CAD if you have any advanced CAD/MDTs please send them to [email protected] if you have any questions please send them to me on discord at Gold#6031

I understand if you cannot help me and that you need to earn money from your CADs yourself but if you do I will give you a role when we officially open

Hi, I am owner James M. with Economy Designs, I can give you a copy to the well known Galaxy CAD/MDT! Join this and DM me on Discord.

I’m already in this server I’ll be sure to DM you

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