Any hidden code or Risks with using templates

Hopefully this post turns into a good discussion and provides great value to everyone that will read it.

What prompted this question:

One of the apps I built was in 2021 using the canvas template. With the new amazing responsive engine build by bubble, Canvas also released an updated template, but it cannot be used by anyone that built an app prior to a couple of months ago, and their only solution would be to build a new app from scratch.

That’s not something we obviously would want to do, since we have a fully functional company with revenue, customers and heavy traffic running daily.

The main question

Why would them and other templates not be able to do an upgrade? Is there some non-editable functions that get built in on inception? Which would be things we clearly should vet thoroughly prior.

If for example, someone had an app installed with a template and literally deleted every single page and every single workflow and started from scratch, will there still be anything linking to the template?

Would love to from bubble and the community what the thoughts are on this.

Maybe even other related things or experiences that we should all keep in mind.

Thank you.

PS: Bubble is the :goat:of all time​:wink:

Even when templates owner update the template on regular basis. You will never get the regular update like you do in case of plugin, you have to create the new app to leverage to new changes made by template owner.

If you clear workflow/database/design/header settings - then I don’t think so anything is available. If someone doing this, why don’t they start from new app.

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Totally agree with @ankur1

Unpopular Opinion: As much as I see the value and convenance of Templates, I would rather build a page or an app from scratch since that way, I would know everything about the functions and elements and would be comfortable in changing or refactoring it in any way that I can. — This is even more so for those who just started in Bubble.

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That was just a hypothetical question :slight_smile: To lead in the question if there would be anything left over from a template in the app. :))

Like you, I wouldnt think anything is left over, but it was definitely worth asking, who knows what we learn. :))

Yup I am leaning that way as well. Especially after youve built a couple of apps, its much easier to bring in your own built elements into future ones.

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