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Any ideas for multiple locations?

So my Bubble app is dedicated to connecting people for pre-arranged long distance car trips (basically,carpooling).

Ideally, I would like for drivers to add in places that they will be traveling through so that passengers have a better chance of finding trips that are going to/through where they are headed.

Currently, you can’t have a field as a list of geographic locations, which is fine, but I’m wondering if there is another workaround. I’ve brainstormed it and couldn’t think of anything.

I’d like for passengers to be able to search for trips based on said users’ origin and destination cities, and for trips to show up that have those two pickup cities listed as any part of that trip. The order of cities also would need to be defined. (A user going one-way from New York to D.C. shouldn’t see trips going from D.C. to New York.)

Hopefully I was clear in what I mean. If anyone thinks of anything, let me know! I’d really appreciate it!

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Nate have you succeeded with this? Let us know if you still need assistance.

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Any luck with this?

I ended up having passengers request trips instead, and having drivers request to drive them. In the end, the idea never got enough traction, so I stopped working on it.

Hypothetically, one way (although very workflow intensive) you could potentially do this is to have a master trip with a start and end address and add a field with a list of sub-trips. (It would probably be best to make the sub-trips a different data type for sorting purposes.) You would then use a workflow to create a sub trip for every potential stop on a driver’s trip.

So basically, a master trip from Atlanta-Washington, DC with stops in Greenville, Durham, and Richmond would have:

Master Trip: Atlanta -> Washington

Sub Trips:
Atlanta -> Greenville,
Atlanta -> Durham,
Atlanta -> Richmond,
Atlanta -> Washington,
Greenville -> Durham,
Greenville -> Richmond, and so on.

Not the prettiest way, but it could work. Other than that, I haven’t spent much time brainstorming a solution in a while.

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