Any ideas or is it even possible to provide remote page navigation to other users with click of a button from the 'presenter/guide's' webpage instance?

I want all users to be able to interact with their instance of the webpage but the Presenter or guide for better word to be able to have an event that can create a page navigation event on the other users’ pages. The goal is to provide a similiar experience to screen sharing but a bit different too. I’ve attached a mockup. Fingers crossed, thanks for taking a look!

Assign each page a number and use the database for navigation.

Presenter (logged in) is only one who can see the next/back buttons.

Have the showing group as the databases page number.

So when 1 is changed to 2 it’ll hide page one for everyone and show 2.

This only works because bubbles real time DB updates.


Thanks @chris.williamson1996! I’ll start looking into your suggestions.

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