Any ideas to display icon elements instead of images?

Example usage is below
The user icon is displayed with an image element, but I am thinking of displaying the icon element when the user icon is not set.
This can be achieved by specifying a conditional setting, but in this case it is necessary to place an image element and an icon element in the place where the user icon is displayed, which makes maintenance difficult.
Is it possible to display an icon using conditional settings for the image element?
Also, just to give you an idea, bubble’s icon element is font awesome.
It would be easy if I could get this as an image format, but I can’t get the image of the desired icon.
Can someone help me?

Hi there - if I understand correctly, you’re wanting to do either of the following:

-If user has profile image, show user’s profile image
-If user doesn’t have a profile image, show Icon instead

If this is the scenario, I believe you’re on the right track with conditions. Something to look into is the ‘Collapse when hidden’ property which would make sure only one of the 2 elements occupies the space at any time, depending on which one is showing.

I would just use an image with conditionals if the users icon is empty to display the default one this library is good