Any Image Compressor Zeroqode not showing files

@levon or anyone, I wonder if you could help. I recently installed the Any Image Compressor from Zeroqode. I placed the file uploader on my page.

I triggered an event “when uploader is clicked, Get files from uploader A”

it allows me to select the files from my computer but it doesn’t display them in the box or tell me how many files have been uploaded. It keeps returning an error that says “Action get files: Uploaded files is not images”

I don’t know how to change this?
Do I need to create a state?

Also, I put a button in that I want to trigger to compress the files that have been uploaded directly from the Uploader A box, or even from a multi file uploader. I do not want a preview box. The aim is to have my staff upload photos from their cleaning jobs into the upload box, and have it automatically compress these images or hide the trigger compress button as a save button.

However when I put the button on my page and chose trigger onclick, I cannot see how to compress the files from the uploader?

If i can’t do that maybe trigger an onchange event, to say “when uploader A value has changed, compress the uploaded A value files”

Please help. I am very confused. I feel a bit daft sometimes.

Hello @tarafield2015

Thanks for reaching out.

To display the number of files uploaded, please use the following conditional for the uploader element:

This will change the text to a number of files uploaded.

As for the compression of the files, please do use the “when a condition is true” event for your use case as an example you can check out our demo editor to see how the conversion is done on our end. You can use the “compress IMGCompressor-Compressed” action for the condition so that compression of the files is done without clicking the button.

In case you have any other questions, simply let us know.

Zeroqode Support Team