Any performance tips for this simple page?

Smaller repeating group perhaps? Any other suggestions? Any performance checklist I should look at? I’ve checked Google PageSpeed Insights and frankly I think it’s an issue with Bubble deployment environment.

The lagging between page is not a good look. And there appears to be no caching - I can load that page, wait 3-8 seconds for a full render and then immediately hit refresh and have the same wait. I’ve never seen that before.

Best case is first and subsequent loads are <1s.
Not so good case is first load is slow but all subsequent are fast
This feels like the worst case - every page load is slow

This page is not crazy. No images. A few icons. A repeating group.

Any and all suggestions welcome.

I also have an email into @Bubble support.

Yeah I would definitely suggest a smaller repeating group with perhaps a button “show more” to load the rest of the data. It’s irrelevant to load more than 1x or 2x what the screen height can display IMHO.


props to the simplicity.

In case you do not know how:
The way to do the show more thing:
use fixed nr of cells: 15 rows for RG
Use do a search for(your data) : items until 15.
for row 15, make your group in RG not show using "if current cells index is 15). instead show a more button using "If current cells index is 15: use that for the next 15.

Consider a landing page with no RG. And where you preselect category to go to the page you have, so it is not an RG with 0 constraints but where post category = X

i know this is tough. it is slow this stuff on bubble…


Thanks. I’ll try that. But re “irrelevant” … if a user scrolls quickly on their phone are they waiting 1-2 seconds for each “batch” of records to render?

Thanks. Bubble shoaled handle this for us imo. Figure out my viewport and optimize fetches accordingly.