Any plugin available for gif cropping?

Hi guys, i would like to know if its possible or maybe a plugin that can handle gif cropping then save/download still as gif format? I used the Cropper plugin and this is perfect to what i want to achieve except that it can only export as png, jpeg and webm formats. I wonder if its possible for gif? TIA

Hi, @notjrag

If you consider commercial plugins, we have a plugin that can crop gifs into gifs server-side among other functionality it provides. This will cost you several WU per operation though and have rather tight limits on image size because of bubble constraints imposed on server-side actions.
If you are still interested, you can try it here: Codium Image: server-side uploader example (

@Vladimir.pak is there any possibility to test this plugin on local host server, before testing on a live site…

I’m not sure what do you mean by local host server. As far as I know bubble does not provide any on-premise solutions, or am I missing something?
You can also subscribe for $3/month prorated to test it in a development version of your app (aka version-test), but it is only possible if you are on paid plan. In this case each 1 day would cost you 10 cents. If it does not suit you needs, just uninstall the plugin and unsubscribe on the Settings tab of your app in section “Paid Plugins”. If you do that, bubble will charge you only for a number of days the plugin has been used for.