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Any quick way to deploy a repeating group with set columns and just have it do it all for me?

Hi everyone,

Was wondering if there’s any templates or plugins that might help me with something. We used to use FileMaker before discovering Bubble, as well as some other systems like Salesforce.

It’s not uncommon for me to have multiple CSV files that have a related column, where I just want to view it visually on the web. With Salesforce or other CRMs it was always nice in that you just create your custom data type, add your fields, upload the data, and then pick what columns you want your repeating group to show.

The thing I dislike with Bubble is how I have to do everything by hand. I don’t actually dislike it as I like the flexibility, but I just wish that there was some way to drag a repeating group to a page, and then click off “Show this column, this column, this column, this column and this column” and pick how wide I want each one and be done with it. Then if I want to add a column in between column 1 and 2 I simply do that, vs having to move everything around to make it all fit.

Are there any plugins or options that might make that easier, even if they are basic or ugly looking? An example of why I need this is we have an old CRM system from about 8 years ago that has good data in it (all CSV files) that I’d love to see in Bubble, but it’s not important enough to spend the time designing page layouts and repeating groups. I’d love to just quickly have it do it all for me. Not sure if anything like that exists but thought I’d check to see!

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Yes, there’s one from Bubble and from a few other devs.

Thanks I’ll check those, the problem with them from when I tried in the past was most were limited. Some didn’t let you format your data types, or wouldn’t allow you to show values from related tables which I also need. Can’t recall if these ones here did or not but all seemed to have some sort of limitation that didn’t work for us!

Most of them seem to only display data from the current data type vs related, but I’ll check it again.

Edit: The first one from Bubble def didn’t work as it only shows values from the current data type.

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I see your pain. Bubble is likely not the best choice for that type of work. Another one you might consider is AirDev’s Canvas. It still won’t be exactly what you miss from FileMaker, but might make your life easier.

Otherwise, maybe Ben Tossell at Makerpad has some ideas.

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Thanks and no worries at all. We still use Bubble for other applications but just wanted to check and see what options there were.