Any reviews on one-to-one business builder?


has anybody tried the one-to-one business builder program of No Codify? How is it? Is it worth the money? Do they contemplate scalability while helping you build your app? What are the pros and cons.

I am considering taking it so any detailed information would be very useful.

This is the program:


Hi @juanuribecomercial,

I can provide references if you’d like! Please feel free to email me at if you’d like more info.

Hi @juanuribecomercial, I am about to begin the NoCodify business builder program. I’ll give you a detailed review when I finish it. I hope it is good!


@pachocastillosr Hi Francisco - How was the 1 to 1 mentoring / sessions?


After purchasing the send SMS with Twilio tutorial and Marketplace Payments: Buyers and Sellers, I felt disappointed. The tutorials were clearly just put together without considering the fact that the user may need help figuring where things are on the Twilio or Stripe websites. For example, when I wanted to register User as a Seller for the marketplace tutorial, I clicked the button and received an error. The person making the tutorial never finished doing the registering process because they didn’t set anything up on Stripe, so they didn’t show you that they would have in fact received an error. Luckily the error code was clear enough by Stripe that I was able to figure out where to go on their website to fix the error. But now I am left wondering how in the world the Creator of a Listing will get their payment and how Bubble will know their Stripe ID. Yeah, clearly you need to say the Payee is the person who created the listing, but that is of type User and the User type does not have a Stripe-ID data field (because the person created a separate Seller data type, where the Stripe-ID data field was created, but when the person making the tutorial tried to say put the dynamic data in as Current Cell’s Listings Creator’s seller, they received an error. I was just left with a lot of questions of the entire process and because it felt like so many parts were left out, I felt like there are probably more pieces that are missing and I won’t be able to make the payment actually go through. Maybe those were all the steps, but it just left me feeling skeptical that it would all actually work with the steps that were only taught in the tutorial.

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