Any solution for a Wiki type embed on a Bubble app? Trying to do a wiki without reinventing the wheel

Hi everyone, we want to use some sort of Wiki in our company, either mediawiki or anything like that to track process and so on. We use Bubble for our CRM which works great, but I’d love to somehow keep it all within Bubble.

I was going to just whip up some kind of quick pages in Bubble to do something sort of similar to a wiki but thought maybe there are ones I can use that I can just embed the pages into Bubble instead or something.

It doesn’t have to be an actual Wiki in the sense that anyone can edit the pages and so on, it’s more just I want something where we can post promos, process and so on. Like I might have a “Small Business Wireless” page, and there it would detail process, show promos and so on. Using a wiki type system would probably fill that gap easily, but be nice if it was shown in Bubble instead. Could even be Wordpress I suppose, just anything where I can easily create and edit pages.

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