Any Suggestions? How to make input search when popup closes?

Thank you for looking. I hope your expert knowledge in Bubble you can help me out!

To clarify my question:
I have a RepeatingGroup that displays results that are SEARCHED for and FILTERED for.
For search function I am using Fuzzy search.
For filters I am using a series of dropdowns on a popup.
I have set all of the conditions so that both the search and filters work correctly by themselves or combined. It is a pretty clean experience.

If the user does the FILTERS FIRST then the SEARCH SECOND, everything works absolutely perfectly.
If the user does the SEARCH FIRST then the FILTERS SECOND, the filters will not apply unless the user erases and re-enters the searched word/term. Everything works perfect after researching.

I would like for the filters to apply to the searched results as soon as the filters are selected or the filter popup closes and not having the user to research the keywords for the filters to apply to the results.

Do you have a suggestion on how to achieve this?
Thank you very much in advance!!!

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