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Any tutorial for activating 2 factor authentication using SMS?

Hello Bubble experts,

Can anybody guide me to 2 factor authentication for my app using SMS (I need to send them one time password to login)

I saw the other forum posts but they are using google authentication / QR code stuff?

Thanks in Advance :pray:

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Hi there, @anthony.viel… have you seen the plugin called 2Factor OTP SMS verification? It’s a free plugin, so it certainly couldn’t hurt to check it out.


Edit: here is another plugin that you could check out, too.

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Actually i saw that but there is no documentation for that plugin when i click “Plugin page”…

I found out that too but after reading review i thought it’s not working
Anyways i will try that

Thanks :+1:

If you can’t get this figured out, message back here and we can help you get it sorted, with or without the plugins.

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