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Any UI / UX resources out here?

OK, so I’ve got the site functional and all is working well.

Now I want to make it look a bit more professional and polished - I thought I will ask here if anyone has a link or a list of resources I can look at for UI inspiration? My site is … any help is appreciated.

I find the UI Patterns site useful.

However, I would suggest spending your valuable time getting users to your site rather than polishing. Although I totally get the lure of polishing :slight_smile:

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One of the most popular design websites is
For more futuristic ideas look no further than


Hey @georgeciobanu and @NigelG - thanks for introducing those sites to me. The UI Patterns one is a great source of knowledge…

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Hey @csblack - that’s actually a really nice resource! Thanks.

@Faiz I’m UX guy and I’ll be happy to help you. We can have a call on Skype/Hangouts and talk about your main goals and what can be done quickly.

I agree with @NigelG UI polishing can wait a moment while you concentrate on promoting the site and on making it easy to use.

By the way, I’m building the UX library - The database is very small now, but it’ll get bigger every day.


Hey thanks for the offer @Pawel . I had a look at the UX library, definitely something that will be helpful as it grows!

I agree with everyone’s advise on that, I should move onto promoting the site now. Which is what I am starting to think about… I will touch base with you again in a few weeks to schedule something (during the holiday period probably)

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Flatinspire and Dribbble are just so useful.

I always just sort of pick colours at random, but found a great image on Dribble and have picked a set of colours. And now … My page doesn’t look like an 8 year old with a new paint set has been at it.

Is there anything similar for font sets ?

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As a sucker for all things Google, I love the Material Design spec know how pages:


If you are looking for UX resources, I can recommend to read this short article about UX basic techniques - 6 Quick UX Design Techniques That Really Work

I think, it will be useful as for beginners and experienced designers!