Any way to create "Chrome Tab" functionality to clone an element multiple times

Hello, currently I have a reusable element with a repeating group, sort buttons, search bar, and it’s used for the end user to search for items. I’m looking to create a “tabbed” system so they can press a + icon and make a new tab, and switch between the previous tab and the new tab. Each one independent so one you could search for something, and the other you can search something else and switch between them. I would probably want this to scale so they can just keep pressing + or x to delete tabs as needed.

Does anyone have an idea on how to do this? I’ve tried a few ideas like a repeating group with the type “number” and just having buttons to go from previous to next page. But the data doesn’t stay after switching to one and back.

I’m seeing if this can be done just client-side with custom states? If the user refreshes I would probably want it to just default back to 1 tab.

Thank you!