Any way to create & join user groups? like fb

Hi guys, I am trying to make a simple app where users can create and join their own groups just like facebook groups, however I am struggling and do not know what to do. Does anyone know how to go about user groups that can be created/joined and each group will have their own page that is only seen by the members of that group? If anyone has a couple tips, that would really help. Thankyou


User Group
Title (text)

User group (user group)

All other dB objects that house content for group viewing should have the field “user group” as well.

This way you can search/filter for current user’s “user group” is thing’s “user group”


Thankyou for your help, however I am still stuck.

How would you assign users to different user groups within the database? I have a popup where they create a group and upon clicking a create a group button I have started a workflow:
When create group button is clicked → create a new user group (title = input group name’s value).

In the database it creating a new user group title in the user group type but not filling in the user group in the User type.

Thankyou so much for helping, I have been stuck for days.


I will try this out, thankyou

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Pay attention to the many concepts exposed in this video. It is not a tutorial but rather a walkthrough. A good one as it should present you with answers hopefully :+1:t2:

I have watched it through and it is good, but I am still trying to figure out how users can create their own group and others will be able to join it, I can allow for creation of user groups, but don’t know how to put people in it

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The concept of lists is in order.

A user will be part of a group of users … a list of users.

These are two good Youtube videos that should walk you through the concept of lists in Bubble.

You will learn to add or remove entries to a list. In your case, users to a group of users :grinning:

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