Any Way to Find All Instances of ":formatted as" on a Page?

I think this is a longshot as I’d have likely discovered it by now… BUT: With all of the recent changes to the search feature in the editor I mighta missed something.

Is there a way to find all instances of a certain OPERATOR on a page? In particular, I’m trying to find all expressions that reference “:formatted as”. However, I think this isn’t currently supported by the find feature… Or is it?


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So, I think that’s not possible. Which is unfortunate as I’m a big user of nested conditions using :formatted as text. Those can get very hard to find! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think you’re right. In addition to finding these, it would also be helpful to have these formats behave like styles. I am very tired of formatting currencies!

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That’s exactly what’s going on here, @mebeingken. You guessed it: I’ve had someone ask if there’s a setting for my Booking Widget to display a currency other than $. Of course, this would be easy if the :format as number dropdowns could be dynamic.

(As it is, I’m just going through and changing number formatting from “currency” to “number” and throwing a a currency prefix conditional in front of those, like:

“Thing’s Currency Prefix is not empty:formatted as text” (and then yes is “Thing’s Currency Prefix” and no is “$”, the default prefix.

While this ins’t “hard” per se, the expressions get pretty tweaky and it can be literally physically difficult to click in the right place in order to insert that expression.)

Anyway, I also fear that deep somewhere in some condition or nested condition is a :formatted as currency that I’ve not changed. Obviously, across an entire app the situation can be even more difficult.

So yeah, I guess this is one for the “Idea” category: Extend the new search for capabilities to “Search by: Uses operator”…

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