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Any ways to use OpenStreetMap O.S.M. data as a source

I d be looking for any ways to use OSM map data within Bubble in place of GoogleMap data.
Anyone knows how I could do that ?
Or someone that could help achieve this…
Thank you

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this plugin will allow you to do that

Thanks Levon, I will give it a good test !

I am searching for the lowest cost option for providing maps on my app. Online I have read about openstreetmaps and openlayers as being free services. I have been on the mapbox site and found their pricing to have generous monthly free service, but going beyond the 50,000 map views the $5 per 1,000 views is a bit steep.

Is the mapbox plugin requiring the use of mapbox and therefore has the costs associated with mapbox accounts?

Or is this plugin capable of using an account from openstreetmaps which would provide free service to deliver maps on my app?


Same here. I’m wanting to experiment with a map. I’m just a hobbyist playing around and want to see if I can get OSM working. There is a million to one chance I’ll actually make something worth sharing, and if I do it will just be a freebie to people not a paid app.

So if there’s a free way to get OSM onto my site I’d really like to know too!

Maybe this plugin?

Thanks, much appreciated. I’ll give this a go this afternoon!

Hi there!

Has anyone managed to use a OSM map inside Bubble?

The plugins suggested here are for other maps.

Thank you